Delaware County

Delaware County At-A-Glance

Established: 1797
Population: 47,980 (2010), 44,308 (2020)
County Seat: Delhi
Cities: None
Villages: Andes, Delhi, Deposit, Downsville, Fleischmanns, Franklin, Hancock, Hobart, Margaretville, Sidney, Stamford, Walton
Towns: Andes, Bovina, Colchester, Davernport, Delhi, Deposit, Franklin, Hamden, Hancock, Harpersfield, Kortright, Masonville, Meredith, Middletown, Roxbury, Sidney, Stamford, Tompkins, Walton
Bordering Counties: Broome, Chenango, Greene, Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan, Ulster
NYSDOT Region Code: 93
Designated Market Area: Binghamton
Area Codes: 607, 845
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State Routes

Interstate United States New York

Reference Routes

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
990T WEST / EAST 0.10 miles
(0.16 km)
Access to NY 17 east Exit 84
990P E. Front St. EAST 1.15 miles
(1.85 km)
Replaced by
991H Otsego County Line 0.55 miles
(0.89 km)
Access NY 7 to I-88 Exit 10
Total distance 0.75 miles

County Routes

(Mark Sinsabaugh, 07/29/2017)

Delaware County posts the standard pentagonal reassurance markers along its routes.

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
Tremper Kill Rd. NYC BWS Road 4/NYC BWS Road 7 Andes Hamlet Line
(Lower Main St.)
5.21 miles
(8.39 km)
Andes-Delancey Rd.
Cabin Hill Rd.
Andes Hamlet Line
(Depot St.)
12.06 miles
(19.42 km)
Margaretville Village Line
(Main St.)
2.63 miles
(4.23 km)
Old Route 8 Sidney Village Line
(W. Main St.)
2.19 miles
(3.53 km)
Pink St. Delaware CR 6 Delaware CR 18 6.25 miles
(10.06 km)
Bovina Rd.
New Kingston Rd.
10.63 miles
(17.11 km)
Discontinuous 4.92 miles between Mountain Brook Rd. and Thompson Hollow Rd.
Cat Hollow Rd. Sullivan County Line 9.38 miles
(15.10 km)
Concurrent with
Roxbury Run Rd. Delaware CR 36 2.40 miles
(3.86 km)
Butts Corners Rd. Otsego County Line
(Otsego CR 40)
3.33 miles
(5.36 km)
Davenport Center Rd. 8.01 miles
(12.90 km)
Bridge St. Otsego County Line
(Otsego CR 47)
1.50 miles
(2.42 km)
Doonans Corners Rd. Delaware CR 10 Delaware CR 33 6.12 miles
(9.85 km)
Leonta Rd. Delhi Village Line
(Franklin St.)
13.82 miles
(22.25 km)
Treadwell Rd. Delaware CR 14 9.29 miles
(14.96 km)
Old Route 17 Sullivan County Line
(Sullivan CR 179A)
23.70 miles
(38.16 km)
S. Kortright Rd.
Stamford River Rd.
Delhi Village Line
(Delaware Ave.)
Stamford Village Line
(S. Delaware St.)
17.68 miles
(28.46 km)
Discontinuous through Village of Hobart (0.82 miles)
Delaware CR 18 0.14 miles
(0.23 km)
Dug Rd.
Beebe Hill Rd.
Deposit Village Line
(Main St.)
Broome County Line
(Beebe Hill Rd.)
3.32 miles
(5.34 km)
China Rd.
Beech Hill Rd.
Masonville Rd.
6.93 miles
(11.16 km)
Hambletville-Masonville-Eaton Rd. Broome County Line
(Broome CR 241)
Delaware CR 20 0.33 miles
(0.53 km)
Franklin Rd. Walton Village Line
(Franklin Rd.)
12.54 miles
(20.19 km)
East Brook Rd. Walton Village Line (E. Brook Rd.) Walton-Hamden Town Line 5.43 miles
(8.74 km)
Sidney Rd. Sidney Village Line
(E. Main St.)
Delaware CR 21 17.60 miles
(28.34 km)
Downsville Rd.
Telford Hollow Rd.
Downsville Hamlet Line
(Knox Ave.)
8.13 miles
(13.09 km)
Pomeroy Corners Rd. NYC BWS Road 3 Delaware CR 23 9.16 miles
(14.74 km)
Fishs Eddy Rd. Sullivan County Line
(Sullivan CR 134)
Delaware CR 17 10.58 miles
(17.03 km)
Sturges Corners Rd. Schoharie County Line
(Schoharie CR 2A)
5.35 miles
(8.61 km)
Peck St. Schoharie County Line
(Schoharie CR 42)
1.97 miles
(3.17 km)
West Harp Rd. 10.40 miles
(16.74 km)
Sidney Center Rd. Delaware CR 23 6.71 miles
(10.80 km)
Vega Rd. Vega Mountain Rd./Sally's Alley 6.94 miles
(11.17 km)
Lake St.
Halcott Center Rd.
Fleischmanns Village Line
(Lake St.)
Greene County Line
(Greene CR 3)
2.20 miles
(3.54 km)
1.04 miles
(1.67 km)
Stratton Falls Rd.
Bridge St.
West Settlement Rd. 2.42 miles
(3.89 km)
Wells Bridge Rd. Otsego County Line 4.07 miles
(6.55 km)
Continues 0.08 miles to NY 7
Loomis Brook Rd. NYC BWS Road 7 5.33 miles
(8.58 km)
Hylan Rd. Greene County Line (Greene CR 7) Greene County Line (Greene CR 7) 1.20 miles
(1.93 km)
Hancock-Cannonsville Rd.
Sands Creek Rd.
Hancock Village Line
(Sands Creek Rd.)
9.17 miles
(14.76 km)

Some information on this page comes from Nathan Perry's Empire State Roads and J.P. Wing's Upstate New York Roads.