New York 427
(Southport to Chemung, 1940-Present)

Looking west on NY 427 in Wellsburg.
(Mark Sinsabaugh, 02/17/2006)

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Western Terminus: NY 14, Southport
Eastern Terminus: NY 17, Chemung
Length: 11.72 miles (18.87 km)
Orientation: East-West
Counties: Chemung
Cities: None
Villages: Wellsburg
Towns: Southport, Ashland, Chemung
Name(s): Cedar St., Maple Ave., Front St., Willawana Rd.

The current alignment was assigned in the early 1940s replacing the NY 17D designation. NY 427 began in Elmira at NY 14's original alignment at Sly St. and followed Maple Ave. to Cedar St. where it picks up its current alignment. At the east end, instead of turning north toward NY 17 in Chemung, NY 427 continued east for about a 1/4 mile before ending at the Pennsylvania border. In 1978, NY 427's westernmost segment was realigned out of Elmira and along Cedar St., replacing the NY 379 designation.

With NYSDOT's intentions to reduce NY 17 to the non-expressway section south of Harriman, we recommend extending NY 427 along Chemung CR 3 and CR 60 to Waverly, then replace the NY 17C designation from Waverly to downtown Binghamton.

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Mile Desc. EAST (Read Down) WEST (Read Up)
. . .
0.00 JCT
(Mark Sinsabaugh, 06/25/2022)
4.79 . .
5.72 JCT (NT)

(Mark Sinsabaugh, 06/25/2022)

(Mark Sinsabaugh, 06/25/2022)
5.83 JCT TO (Exit 58)
5.98 . .

(Mark Sinsabaugh, 06/25/2022)
11.72 JCT
(Exit 59)

(Mark Sinsabaugh, 06/25/2022)
. . .

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