New York 33B
(Gates to Rochester, 1962-65)

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Reassigned: 1965
Western Terminus: NY 33A, Gates
Eastern Terminus: NY 47 (Now NY 383), Rochester
Length: 2.83 miles (4.56 km)
Orientation: East-West
Counties: Monroe
Cities: Rochester
Villages: None
Towns: Gates
Name(s): Brooks Ave.

The second NY 33B designation was assigned in 1962 along Brooks Ave. and was dropped three years later as plans were in place to extend the Airport Expressway (NY 204) east to the Monroe County (now Greater Rochester International) Airport terminal and the new Outer Loop expressway (Initially NY 47, now I-390). NY 33B was replaced by the NY 204 designation when the latter was extended east along Brooks Ave. in anticipation of the expressway extension east of Chili Ave. (NY 33A) which would never happen.
Replaced By: NY 204
Current Designations: NY 204

Scan from the 1963 Esso General Drafting New York state
map showing NY 33B's short lived second alignment in
the Rochester area (1962-65). The dashed lines just to the
south represent what would have been the alignment for
the Airport Expressway (NY 204) east of Chili Ave. (NY 33A)
which was never built but was responsible for the supplanting
of the second NY 33B designation in 1965.

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