New York 33B
(Buffalo to Cheektowaga, 1965-74)

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Decommissioned: 07/01/1974
Western Terminus: NY 33, Buffalo
Eastern Terminus: NY 33, Cheektowaga
Length: 7.18 miles (11.56 km)
Orientation: East-West
Counties: Erie
Cities: Buffalo
Villages: None
Towns: Cheektowaga
Name(s): Genesee St.

This third and final NY 33B designation replaced the original NY 33 designation along Genesee St. when the latter moved to the new Kensington Expressway in 1965.
Replaced By: Reference Route 952A

Scan from the 1970 Getty R.R. Donnelley New York state
map showing NY 33B's alignment in Erie County

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