New York 239

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Decommissioned: 09/25/1980
Southern Terminus: NY 354, Alden
Northern Terminus: US 20, Alden
Length: 3.00 miles (4.83 km)
Orientation: North-South
Counties: Erie
Cities: None
Villages: Alden
Towns: Marilla, Alden
Name(s): Exchange St.
History: NY 239 originally extended south and east to Attica. This extension was eliminated in 1949 when NY 354 was extended in its place.
Replaced By: Erie CR 578

Scan from the 1940 Sinclair Rand McNally New York
State Map showing the southeastern extension of
NY 239 to Attica.

Scan from the 1980 NYSDOT Atlas showing the
final NY 239 alignment.

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