New York 209

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Decommissioned: 1935
Southern Terminus: NY 19 (Now NY 63), Shelby
Eastern Terminus: NY 18, Lakeside
Length: 28.85 miles (46.45 km)
Orientation: North-South
Counties: Orleans
Cities: None
Villages: Albion
Towns: Shelby, Barre, Albion, Gaines, Carlton

Fletcher Chapel Rd., Hemlock Ridge Rd., W. Barre Rd., Quaker Hill Rd., Oak Orchard Rd., Main St., Gaines Rd., Waterport Rd.

The Fletcher Chapel and Hemlock Ridge sections were decommissioned in 1931. The NY 209 designation was dropped in 1935 to avoid numerical duplication with US 209 when it was extended into New York.
Replaced By: NY 279, NY 98, Orleans CR 99

Scan from the 1930 Socony New York State Map
showing the NY 209 alignment.

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