New York 34A

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Decommissioned: Mid 1960s
Southern Terminus: NY 79, Ithaca
Northern Terminus: NY 34, Cayuga Heights
Length: 2.33 miles (3.75 km)
Orientation: North-South
Counties: Tompkins
Cities: Ithaca
Villages: Cayuga Heights
Towns: Ithaca
Name(s): Stewart Ave., Cayuga Heights Rd.

NY 34A's original alignment began at University Ave. and followed Stewart Ave. and Cayuga Heights Rd. In 1969, NY 34A was extended south along Stewart to NY 79 and realigned to East Shore Dr. as NY 34's alignment had been moved to its present location. A few years later, however, the NY 34A designation was dropped altogether.
Replaced By: Reference Route 930F (Ithaca city line to NY 13)

1952 Sunoco Rand McNally New York state
map showing NY 34A's alignment

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