New York 279
(Gaines to Lakeside, 1935-Present)

Southbound NY 279 reassurance marker in Gaines.
(Mark Sinsabaugh, 09/30/2018)

Northbound NY 279 reassurance marker posted outside
of Waterport that has since been removed.
(Douglas Kerr, 11/26/2010)

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Southern Terminus: NY 98, Gaines
Northern Terminus: NY 18, Lakeside
Length: 8.76 miles (14.10 km)
Orientation: North-South
Counties: Orleans
Cities: None
Villages: None
Towns: Gaines, Carlton
Name(s): Gaines Rd., Waterport Rd.

In 1935, NY 279 returned to western New York along its present alignment which originally extended south and west through Albion, Barre, and Shelby.

Decommissioning the current NY 279 alignment and moving the designation to the New York section of the Bennington Bypass in Rensselaer County. The relocated NY 279 would then match the VT 279 designation already in place in Vermont. NY 279 is not signed north of NY 104 (which is maintained by Orleans County) except for markers at the northern terminus on NY 18 and drivers must make two turns in Waterport to follow the designation. Reassurance signs had been posted until the early 2010s.

Scan from the 1940 Sinclair New York State map showing
NY 279's southwestern extension to Barre and Shelby.

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Mile Desc. NORTH (Read Down) SOUTH (Read Up)
. . .
0.00 JCT
(Mark Sinsabaugh, 09/30/2018)
1.91 JCT

(Douglas Kerr, 06/27/2004)

(Mark Sinsabaugh, 09/30/2018)
8.76 JCT

(Mark Sinsabaugh, 09/30/2018)
. . .

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