New York 44

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Decommissioned: 1935
Southern Terminus: NY 13 (Present Day NY 225), Caton
Northern Terminus: NY 3 (Later US 104), Wolcott
Length: 90.00 miles (144.90 km)
Orientation: North-South
Counties: Steuben, Chemung, Schuyler, Seneca, Wayne
Cities: Corning
Villages: South Corning, Watkins Glen, Lodi, Ovid, Seneca Falls, Savannah, Wolcott

Corning, Hornby, Catlin, Dix, Hector, Lodi, Ovid, Varick, Fayette, Seneca Falls, Tyre, Savannah, Butler
Name(s): Cedar St., Centerway, Franklin St., 4th St., Main St., Mound Rd.
Replaced By: NY 414 (Later NY 225 (Caton-Corning) and NY 89 (Seneca Falls-Wolcott))

1930 Socony Rand McNally New York state map showing the
former NY 44 designation between Ovid and Seneca Falls.

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