New York 37B

First westbound NY 37B reassurance marker.
(Douglas Kerr, 10/22/2005)

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Western Terminus: NY 37, Massena
Eastern Terminus: NY 37, Massena
Length: 4.03 miles (6.49 km)
Orientation: East-West
Counties: St. Lawrence
Cities: None
Villages: Massena
Towns: Louisville, Massena
Name(s): Maple St., Parker Ave., E. Orvis St.

NY 37B originally followed an alignment that began at NY 37 near Coles Creek State Park in Waddington. It followed the southern shore of the St. Lawrence River to Massena, ending at NY 37 at the west village line. In the late 1950s, upgrades to the St. Lawrence Seaway resulted in a realignment of the designation along what is now NY 131 as the original alignment was submerged. NY 37B would move to its current alignment around 1962.

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Mile Desc. EAST (Read Down) WEST (Read Up)
. . .
0.00 JCT
(George Bourey, 08/12/2020)
1.31 . .
4.03 JCT

(George Bourey, 08/12/2020)
. . .

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