New York 25C

Eastbound NY 25C reassurance marker at the
Queens-Nassau line in New Hyde Park.
(Google Street View Imagery, Date Unknown)

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Decommissioned: 1970
Western Terminus: Springfield Blvd., Queens
Eastern Terminus: NY 25, New Hyde Park
Length: 5.70 miles (9.18 km)
Orientation: East-West
Counties: Queens, Nassau
Cities: New York
Villages: None
Towns: North Hempstead
Name(s): Union Tpke., Marcus Ave.

The NY 25C designation was decommissioned in 1970, however the segment of Union Turnpike between the Queens-Nassau border and New Hyde Park Rd. (Nassau CR 5) continued to be maintained by NYSDOT as Reference Route 900F. Around 2010, two NY 25C markers that appear to be from the at each end of the segment...were posted. Despite the signage, this section is still known by its reference route designation.
Replaced By:

Reference Route 900F (Queens-Nassau Co. Line to New Hyde Park Rd.), Nassau CR 25C (East of New Hyde Park Rd.)

1952 Sunoco Rand McNally New York state
map showing NY 25C's alignment

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