New York 9X
(Bronx, 1935-50)

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Decommissioned: 1950
Southern Terminus: US 9 / NY 9A, Bronx
Northern Terminus: NY 1B, Bronx
Length: 1.83 miles (2.95 km)
Orientation: North-South
Counties: Bronx
Cities: New York
Villages: None
Towns: None
Name(s): Bailey Ave.
Replaced By: NYCDPW Maintained
Current Designation(s): None

1940 Sinclair Rand McNally New York state map
showing NY 9X's alignment in The Bronx

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1970s era reference marker for NY 9X on the Cross Island Parkway in Queens, suggesting perhaps NY 9X may have had another alignment as late as the early 1970's.
(John Krakoff, 05/22/2009)
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